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Brian is a new intern at KC Speed and Sport and will be finishing his degree in Kinesiology and Education next spring from Hendrix College. He has been a baseball player his entire life and plays collegiate ball as a pitcher for Hendrix College. Going through a collegiate weight training program and devoted research on the subject, has made him very familiar with what an athlete needs to do to get to the next level. With his education minor he has been trained how to indentify needs of students/athletes and help teach to each individual’s needs. His knowledge of sport, weight training, and teaching combine quiet nicely into what we want as a strength coach. He plans on graduating with his teacher’s license for grades K-12, his coaching certificate, and his certified strength and conditioning specialist certificate (CSCS). His long term goal is to be a head strength coach, a pitching coach, and teacher at a university.



For 2 seasons Brian was teammates with KCSS head strength coach Austin Womack on the Hendrix College baseball team.

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