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When coaching a movement or lift, giving the same cues each time the lift is performed and giving different cues in order to make adjustments when it is performed incorrectly is at the core of progressing athletes within a strength program. One thing that I have struggled with that I have noticed other coaches struggle with as well is to ask for perfection from our athletes. During my last internship, I started to build a bad habit of allowing athletes to slack on their form and effort. I had a long talk with one of my supervisors and he explained to me the importance of continually coaching athletes through a movement/lift. After making this adjustment, I noticed better form, better effort, and better progression from all of my athletes.


If I had continued to allow my athletes to slack on their form and effort, a lot of things could have happened, such as injuries or a stunt in the athlete’s progression. By continually coaching, you put it into the athlete’s mind that their form is not yet perfect and that they still have room for growth. Also, it shows the athlete that you care about the athlete and their training. As a former athlete, knowing that my coach cared about how I did and how I trained made me want to work even harder for that particular coach.

As a strength coach in training, I have now learned about the importance of continued coaching. Never let your athletes slack on their form, and always ask perfection of your athletes.

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