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As I continue my journey to better understand the world we live in, particularly after George Floyd, I wanted to focus on a specific group of people: the white protester. White Americans have shown up to protest racial injustice in ways and numbers not seen in years past. Why now? What has changed? After all, racial injustice has been a part of the American fabric for hundreds of years, and videos of black men and women being killed at the hands of police have been around for decades. 

Today we speak with a man whose life has been completely transformed in the wake of the latest killings, and who has now dedicated his life to the fight for racial injustice and supporting his fellow brothers and sisters of color. He is white. He is also German-American, which carries its own set of complexities. We explore his life growing up in the San Francisco bay area, his understanding of white privilege, the effect of Breonna Taylor’s murder on him and what impact he hopes to have moving forward. 

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