Golf Training

Our Golf program will help each player increase their shot distance, lower their handicap, and compete pain-free on the course.

The Golf Performance Program has special pricing of $225/per month

KC Speed & Sport is now taking reservations for our Spring session of Golf Performance Training for high school and middle school competitors at our Leawood location. This progression-based program will be offered on Mondays and Wednesdays from 7:30-8:30 pm beginning April 3rd.

Greater club velocity doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your accuracy. A well-executed golf swing requires total body effort. Rotational power, balance, flexibility and stability all work in a coordinated effort at the tee, in the fairway (or rough!) and on the green. Supplement your skill practice with science-based sports performance training to best maximize your 18-hole outings. Increase your strength & power off the course to decrease your strokes on the course!

Our 60-minute sessions focus on:

Mobility & flexibility enhancement

Energy transfer efficiency

Power development

Dormant muscle activation

Stability strength building: Hips, Shoulders, Core

Athletic posture reinforcement

Recovery & regeneration education