Adult 1-on-1

Personal Training

On-on-one training personalized to your fitness level.
One-on-one individualized training sessions that are 30 or 60 minutes in length and focus on a wide range of client goals. This option is great for anyone looking to lose weight & body fat, increase fitness levels, gain muscle and strength, or simply improve overall health. Prior to starting training, we want to develop a plan that meets your goals and is individualized to your needs. During a short meeting, we will discuss these goals and develop a program that is perfect for you. During our first training session, we will assess your health and fitness through a few short fitness tests and from there, be able to determine the direction of your program. These tests will also serve as a baseline to keep track of your progress.    

Choose from our trainers

Paul Sterrett - Personal Trainer

Paul Sterrett

Alex Phillips - Personal Trainer

Alex Phillips

Trevor Jones - Personal Trainer

Trevor Jones

MS, Exercise Science
Nate Bruns - Personal Trainer

Nate Bruns