Program Summary

Welcome to the Kansas City Speed & Sport, sports performance internship. It is our goal to provide our interns with a highly educational, interactive, and reflective experience in the field of sports performance. All interns should anticipate exposure to every aspect our sports performance program has to offer, including an in depth role within the coaching staff itself. At KCSS, we take great pride in both developing some of the area’s best athletes and as a leader in fostering future strength and conditioning coaches.


Pre-participation interview
  • Each intern must interview
  • Upon conclusion of interview, the individual must agree to abide by the bylaws moving forward
  • Act professional
  • Be on time arriving 10 minutes before scheduled hours
  • The weight room is a working and learning environment
  • Distinguish yourself from the athlete
  • Socializing with athletes can hinder their development
  • Leave any personal issues at the door
Scheduling hours
  • All hours must be agreed upon before scheduled start date
  • The minimum amount of hours per week shall be 6 hours unless otherwise noted by KCSS
  • If scheduled hours end in the middle of a workout session, it is required that you will stay until the end of the session unless other obligations prevent you from doing so.
    • Must have 24 hours notice for excusable cancellations or absences
  • Medical or family emergency, job interview, school, etc….
  • Inexcusable cancellations or absences
    • Social engagement, slept in, etc…..
Disciplinary measures
  • Dismissal from the kcss sports performance internship
  • Program shall be viewed from a two strike policy
    • 1st strike – a warning will be issued from one of the strength coaches
    • 2nd strike – dismissal from internship program
  • Behavior that will warrant a “strike” shall be a disregard of any of the aforementioned intern behavior



The intern is expected to be highly motivated and have a strong willingness to learn. The following set of guidelines must be followed…..

  • Respect for KCSS staff and athletes
  • Maintain a professional relationship with our athletes
  • Positive and energetic attitude
  • All actions and verbal communication are a reflection of KCSS
  • Assist with daily facility maintenance / clean up
  • Help and assist our staff with research and continuing education
  • Assist in supervision and execution of sports performance training
  • Help teach athletes proper form and techniques for drills, exercises, and equipment use.
  • Daily maintenance and upkeep of the facility
  • Take initiative and show “want to”
  • Ask questions!!!!
  • Clean shaven or neatly trimmed facial hair
  • KCSS t-shirt, athletic shorts/pants, sneakers
Learning objectives
  • Obtain a better understanding of the overall process in preparing and setting up an athlete for success
    • Soft tissue modalities
    • Movement prep / warm up
    • Running mechanics and drills / plyometric training / foot speed drills
    • Core and glute preparation
    • Strength training programs
    • Conditioning protocols
    • Increased knowledge in exercise science, sports nutrition, program design, and all other related topics
  • Increased knowledge of marketing and business strategies of KCSS
  • Obtain a better understanding of how to communicate with current and potential clients of kcss, both with athletes and parents
  • Be prepared to go over questions that you may have during bi weekly meetings

We will do our best to cover all relevant information. Even then, we may not answer all the questions you may have. The importance of asking questions can’t be overstated! The more questions you ask, the more you will get out of your experience.



  • Intern meetings shall be held at a designated time bi-monthly with the designated strength and conditioning coach or staff.
  • Intern assignments, interactions with student-athletes and staff, ect. Are all evaluation opportunities.
  • At the end of the internship, interns will have an opportunity to fill out a post internship feedback survey. This will provide our staff with opportunities to improving our internship for the next class.



As an industry, sports science is constantly evolving. Staying up on relevant research is vital to us as professionals. It is our job to be able to understand and apply new findings to better serve our athletes.

  • As a mid-way review, you the intern will be responsible in presenting to the kcss staff on a relevant topic of your choice as it pertains to the sports performance industry. The date of this presentation will be agreed upon by you the intern and KCSS staff.
  • Upon completion of your internship you will be responsible for preparing and programming a 4 week s+c program for an athlete of your choice. This athlete can be a current kcss athlete or a case study.
  • The topic for your mid-way review as well as the athlete or case study you choose to program for must be approved by the KCSS staff.