In-Season Training

Ages 15 – 18

We want our athletes to build upon the progress they have made this summer which is why we have created a new element to the KCSS training experience: In-Season Programs. This program is specifically designed for each individual athlete.

What parents need to know:

Cost – $50 for each month

We will provide a custom workout plan (typically 2 days/week), Recovery/soft tissue at-home plans, and post-game/practice nutrition plans.

The goal of these programs is to improve each athlete’s performance throughout the season and, most importantly, keep them healthy and free from injury.

WHY is in-season training important?

A 2011 study showed that professional soccer players who only strength trained once every two weeks during the competitive season showed a decrease in leg strength and 40-m sprint performance (Rønnestad). Simply put, if you are not getting in the weight room and doing exercises to maintain strength and mobility your performance in your sport is going to decrease.

Too many coaches and athletes dismiss in-season strength and conditioning because they think it wears down the athlete’s bodies, when in reality a properly designed program does just the opposite. The weaker, more fatigued athlete is more susceptible to getting injured. Good in-season programs are designed to keep athletes healthy and on the field/court.