Month-by-Month Pricing

1x Per Week
Designed to maintain strength for in-season athletes playing their primary sport more than once per week
An option for the busy athlete with multiple commitments who is motivated to create healthy habits
Growth and improvement will be a gradual process
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2x Per Week
A good option those in sports where technical skill plays a much greater role than absolute strength
Measured progress will be achieved through focus on the major movement patterns
Movement will alternate between linear and lateral emphasis
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3x Per Week
Condensed version of the 4x weekly program with focus on full-body, multi-joint compound movements
Minimum recommended off-season commitment for most sports
Adequate time to make meaningful gains in both movement and strength
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There are between eight and fifteen essential components of a well-designed sports performance program (pushes, pulls, knee-dominant, hip extension, single-limb, anti-flexion, rotary power, acceleration, plyometric progressions, etc.). The key is to organize and schedule them in a way that maximizes balanced development within the given time constraints. The greater the opportunity to spread them out over the week, the better. As the frequency of training decreases, decisions about priorities need to be made and compromises begin to occur.