Adult Training

Ages 18+

Our Adult Training programs are designed specifically for improving the strength and cardiovascular endurance of the trainee.

Boot Camp

This brings all goals into one. Hypertrophy, fat loss, endurance, and well being all wrapped up in one hour long session per day. Boot camp is a high intensity workout session that is designed to reach maximal results for every fitness level. Boot camp combines functional training, plyometrics, high intensity interval training (HIIT), endurance, and flexibility to create the most effective and efficient total body workout in KC. All fitness levels are welcome to participate.

Adult Weights

Follow Brad Cottam as he works through a currently utilized professional football workout program. The Adults Weight Class targets strength, power, muscular endurance, joint stability, and flexibility. Participants will learn proper techniques of core strength lifts while developing force and power production in a fun environment.

Super Fit

Superfit is an insane combination of everything we offer. The Super Fit class is designed for those who are looking to get an exceptional workout over the lunch hour. It is a fast-paced class that is built around efficiency in order to torch calories in the middle of the workday. All fitness levels are welcome to participate.