Hyrbid Performance

Ages 12 – 14

Our Hybrid Performance training program for middle school athletes focuses on the progression of strength and speed training fundamentals.

During the middle school years, athletes are going through major physical changes, such as puberty, and are beginning to see large jumps in motor skill efficiency. It is extremely important for athletes in this age group to be active in speed and strength training.

Program Design

Our Hybrid Performance training program is structured around speed and strength training fundamentals. The 1-hour sessions are broken down into 2 parts:

First 30 Minutes

Dynamic Warm-up

Introduces our athletes to a variety of drills that target and promote specific joint mobility.

Movement Skills

Introduces our athletes to movement skills, such as skipping, bounding, and shuffling in a controlled and efficient manner.

Sprint/change of direction/acceleration/deceleration technique

Introduces our athletes to drills that teach proper body mechanics and position while sprinting and/or changing direction, which improve movement efficiency and decrease the athlete’s risk of injury.

Speed/agility/quickness/reaction time drills

Introduces our athletes to drills with tools, such as resistance bands and cones, to improve their ability to move in a fast and explosive, yet controlled, manner.

Last 30 Minutes

Upper body/lower body plyometrics

Introduce our athletes to a variety of plyometric drills with tools, such as resistance bands and medicine balls, to increase explosiveness and fast twitch muscle fiber recruitment.

Introduction to weight lifting & movement patterns

Teach our athletes how to properly execute the basic movements used in weight lifting, including squat, hip hinge, pull, and press.

Core strength

Introduces our athletes to exercises that increase spinal stability and overall core strength.

Education and Prevention

Introduce our athletes to a variety of stretches and recovery methods to help decrease their risk of injury and properly educate them on how to keep their body feeling fresh throughout vigorous physical activity.

In order to gain that competitive edge, the certified coaches at KCSS recommend that Hybrid Performance athletes train 3 times per week. If you have questions about the volume and intensity of the programs, please contact the KCSS coaches for more information.

Evidence-Based Research

Conclusions in a study conducted by the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) in 2009 suggest that school-aged youth should participate daily in 60 minutes or more of moderate to vigorous physical activity that is developmentally appropriate, enjoyable, and involves a variety of activities.

In addition to aerobic activities, such as swimming and bicycling, research indicates that resistance training can offer unique benefits for children and adolescents when appropriately prescribed and supervised.