Ages 7 – 11

Most young athletes in this age range are flat out slow, or fast but out of control. Both of these scenarios can be detrimental to the athlete if they are not taught proper athletic techniques.

Our Rookie training program introduces our young athletes to sports performance in a fun and positive environment. Athletes in this age range respond extremely well to physical training; therefore, sessions focus on the progression of strength and speed training needed to become a great young athlete.

Science Based Approach

The exercises and drills that we have our Rookies perform are appropriate for their biological and training age-level. KCSS keeps our coach-to-athlete ratio small to ensure that we can teach each athlete proper body mechanics and technique. If you would like to learn more about the benefits of youth training, please contact any of the KCSS staff. We would be happy to point you in the direction of more scientific research on a specific topic.

“Strength gains of roughly 30% to 40% have been typically observed in untrained preadolescent children following short-term resistance training programs, although gains up to 74% have been reported.”

“It appears that preadolescents have more potential for an increase in strength owing to neural factors, such as increase in motor unit activation and changes in motor unit coordination, recruitment, and firing.”